Build your own crossword on time! And cheat as much as you want…
…if you don’t have any pride that is.

The idea of the game

With Crossfix you build your own crossword. You get a board with black (playable) and red unplayable squares. In addition you get a starting letter that cannot be changed. While the time is ticking you must create words just like in a crossword – but you decide what the words are.

All words shall merge together as a normal crossword. When the board is full – Or when you are satisfied you can press stop to see what score you have. If wanted you can save this score into a World Wide high score list. And the best – it is just like patience – No controls are made against any dictionary – you have to trust in your self not being a cheater. Points given according to Alfapet/Scrabble game and depending on time left.


Press a letter to “catch” it
Place it by pressing an black and empty square
If you placed wrong button – Just redo it. There is no need to erase the wrong letter first


New – Get a new board
Clear – Erase every thing in a board and start over – Time is still ticking
Save – Points saved into high score list (Press stop first)
High – View current high score list (without saving any of your scores)
Stop – Stop time and get a score Good Luck