Portfolio & Testimonials

Antero Nilo

“Antero Nilo is a 3D graphic visualization studio, founded by Jarmo Mäkiniemi, located in Stockholm, Sweden, that specializes in envisaging projects to inspire interest in order to attract investments.

For Antero Nilo, 3D tools are just a means to an end, but it’s the artist’s creativity behind that makes a difference and helps induce excitement. The images must be narrative, create a distinctive feeling and offer something to catch the viewer’s attention and interest.”


Jag tycker att du har hanterat projektet utmärkt bra. Väldigt inriktad på att lösa problemen och detta på rekordtid.

Du har ju kommit med nya idéer för att komma framåt utan fastna i problemet.

Du har även belyst mig om saker som jag inte ens visste att jag måsta ta i beaktning. Du har hållit bra kommunikation med support och alla andra kontakter.

Jarmo Mäkiniemi

Ägare, Antero Nilo

Try Triangle

“Welcome to the world of Try Triangle!

Allow us to be your partner in Italy for your exploration, dreams and discovery. Large or Small, Corporate or Leisure, Simple or Complex, we always customize and deliver to your wish.”

The Pandemic has been a challenge to all. But it has also given some opportunities. For Try Triangle the pandemic opened up the possibillities to spend time to redesign the website. Something that has been down prioritized for a long time.

Try Triangle DMC

“Your first compliment for the website;
It’s beautiful”

Angela Lompardi

Joint Managing Director, Try Triangle

And some other comments

I had the opportunity to work with Stefan Eng during his time at Amadeus.

Stefan has long and deep knowledge in external communication/marketing area, both from his professional career as a product manager and also from his private life, where he is driving many passionate projects on the side (Travel webpages, networking groups as well as creative apps etc.)

Stefan is a people person, warm and welcoming. He is keen on learning new things and also to share his knowledge to others (a quality I really appreciate).

I can highly recommend Stefan in all work that is related to digital marketing (strategy and execution) and that is customer facing!

Karin Nordenhem

Marketing Communications Manager, Amadeus Scandinavia

Stefan successfully managed to explain and visualize the complex technical inter-dependencies between Amadeus and a vital supplier.

His contributions facilitated a mutually beneficial legal solution to an otherwise daunting data protection/privacy issue. I’m very grateful for his help.

Mikael Carpelan

Founder & Legal Counsel , Carpelan Consulting

I had the pleasure of having Stefan as a direct report for three years.

He is a skilled and professional product manager and solution expert who is also proficient in acting as an informal leader, team builder and inspirational speaker.

Stefan has strong pedagogical skills, and is able to explain complicated matters in an informative and entertaining way.

He has a high level of creativeness and strong ability to find new solutions when faced with set-backs.

Additionally Stefan has strong skills in visual creation as well as web and video editing.

Martin Svensson

Director Sales, Nordics , Interxion